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Sports Betting – Tools and Tips to Win in Online Sports Betting

Making money in online sports betting is not an easy task, and much less if we are attempting to treat our bets in a professional or semi-professional manner. Because of this difficulty, we should find as many allies as possible. One of these allies can be the knowledge of certain websites or tools that can help you a great deal. Taking into account the statistics of games, calculating the hypothetical winnings of special combined bets or comparing the odds of one sports event in more than 20 gambling houses is recommended.

The gambling houses online offer a great variety of matches in which you can bet directly.
It is convenient that the gambler relies on some websites with present sports results, which will also offer live score updates from any given event. A great website for this is Mismarcadores. The website is very attractive to the viewer and very intuitive. It shows information for soccer, tennis and basketball, and also for handball, volleyball and baseball.

From all the sports, soccer is king. It is worth mentioning two other websites: and Both offer live game scores or scores from popular competitions and some that are not that popular.

Everything or almost everything can be found on the internet. Maybe Goalzz lists more competitions, matches, sports than soccer, it includes tennis or basketball, among others, but even though it only focuses on soccer, it offers a wide selection of statistics about the teams and players.

The experts in sports betting make investments taking into account some statistics. This means, betting on a game for a team or another taking into account the previous scores. Maybe such a tool is not always right but it helps a great deal.

If you want to be on American sports, the best website for statistics is We can say that this is the website of reference statistics for the NBA, NFL, MLB or NHL gambler.

Even though the gambling houses offer more or less complete statistics of the different events they offer, my recommendation is to refer to these pages.

And finally, it is useful to have tools where you can compare the payouts of different gambling houses. Having a page that has the best odds offered by the different gambling houses is useful for two types of gamblers. For one, the novice gambler that doesn’t know where to register yet. Seeing the odds for three or four different events can help him decide which house to use. On the other hand, it is recommended for those who play on various gambling houses, in case they want to bet on an event, they have the opportunity to assess the payouts from the websites they are registered on.

The website I recommend to compare payouts from various online gambling houses is for classic sports and, if you are a horse racing lover, I recommend

A Critique of 888Sport Online Bookmaker and the 888Sport Free Bet

Most people that are interested in internet betting should be aware of 888Sport and the 888Sport free bet offer But it can typically be tough to figure out which online bookmaker to select when one can find such large numbers of bookmakers and free bet offers in the market.

This difficulty can especially hinder newcomers who are most likely not conversant in the lingo of sports betting. In these instances, a little more assistance is required.

To assist us to make sense of the numerous bookmakers and offers, newcomers ought to refer to an internet bookmakers free bets website. Listed here they can find assessments about internet bookmakers along with their free bet offers, similar to the following overview of 888Sport internet bookmaker and the 888Sport free bet.

The 888sport online betting website is part of the 888 Holdings plc that operates a number of popular gambling websites.

The website was launched in March 2008 and offers betting to customers in six different countries. The company reported a revenue of just over £200 million for last year.

The design and layout of the 888sport website is common and fairly basic. However, this works well for the company because it allows customers to jump straight into the heart of the action without having to click through a series of welcome pages. New customers to the bookmaker can enjoy a range of free offers including up to £20 for sports betting and up to £200 to use in the casino or poker sections of the website.

The sports betting section of 888sport will be familiar to anyone who uses sports betting websites regularly. There is a list of sports that runs down the left hand side of the page, which makes it easy to find the right sport quickly. Each of these sports opens up another window with different events and betting options.

The casino section of 888sport is very slick and jazzy. The casino section opens up in a new window, which takes a little time to load but it’s worth the wait. The graphics and experience of using the 888sport casino are far better than the majority of other facilities on other gambling websites.

The poker section of the website also opens up in a new window, which loads much faster. Customers must be a registered member of 888sport to use this part of the website but it’s worth signing up for. The desktop poker client downloads quickly and loads up just as fast. This means customers can quickly log on and play a few rounds at any point in the day or evening.

User controls are fairly basic but efficient. The customer has complete control over their own account but can ask 888sport to put restrictions in place if they feel it necessary.

This stops a customer from spending more money than they can afford. There is also a strict operating system in place, which 888sport uses to make sure that all payments processed take place in a safe and secure environment. This stops the risk of information being stolen or hacked.

The support section of 888sport opens a catalogue of vast information. Customers can search this catalogue to see if their problem has come up before. This saves a lot of time from phoning the company direct for a simple problem. However, this is a form that customers can use to detail more unique problems and 888sport guarantees a quick reply to any queries.

Another area 888sport does well in is messages about responsible gambling. There are links at the base of each page that take the user to another website filled with information and warnings about the addictive nature of using online gambling websites. They also provide information on how to break away from this problem and get help.

How to Make a Custom McFarlane Sports Pick

Like many other collectors of McFarlane Sports Picks, I wish that I could have a seat at the table when they decide what players are made, what poses they have, and what uniforms they are in. This is where custom figures come in. Maybe I can’t have a say in McFarlane’s decisions, but I can create a custom figure of anyone I want!

Simply stated, custom figures involve taking an existing figure apart, making modifications to it, painting it, and putting it back together. There are many different ways to make a custom. What I included in these directions is a combination of my personal experiences and of those of other customizers. Feel free to email me if you feel there is anything important that is left out. I plan to regularly update this page based on the feedback I receive.


Making a custom for the first time is not cheap. The good news is that once you get these things you probably won’t need to replace most of them for a while. In parenthesis I put approximate prices so you get an idea about the costs associated with making a custom. The best place to get most of this stuff is at an art store like Michael’s. You can also get a lot of this stuff online.

  • Brushes – get one or two as small as 10/0 and 5/0 for details as well as some wider brushes for larger areas ($10)
  • Acrylic craft paint value pack (usually contain around 32 1/6 oz. colors). This is great for colors that you just need a little of ($15)
  • 2 oz. acrylic paints for colors used more frequently ($1 ea).
  • Testors Primer ($4)
  • Microscale decal solutions: Micro Sol, Micro Set, and Liquid Decal Film ($10)
  • Testors Gloss Clear Acrylic and Flat Clear Acrylic ($8)
  • Decal paper ($1 per sheet, usually sold in quantities of at least 20)
  • Scissors, masking tape, crazy glue, brush cleaner, exacto knife, sand paper, clay, and anything else you think you may need ($40)
  • Figure ($10 and up)


  1. Decide who you want to make and find as many photos of them as you can. Google and eBay searches are great ways to find pictures, as well as old magazines, sports cards, and posters.
  2. Decide which McFarlane figure that you want to paint. A good place to look at pictures of all the figures is on the McFarlane site. Try to match special features like the style of helmet they wear, wrist bands, shoe styles, and anything else that might cause you excess work to add or remove.
  3. Purchase the figure. You can compare figures for sale on eBay, Amazon, and to find the best deal.
  4. Open the figure and clean it with a mild soap and water.
  5. Decide what you are going to need to disassemble to be able to paint the figure. This varies from figure to figure. You want to make sure that you will be able to easily paint every visible part of the figure. Sometimes this requires a lot of disassembly (head, helmet, facemask, hands, etc on a football figure) and sometimes there is no disassembly at all (a basketball figure).
  6. Soak the figure in very hot water to soften the rubber. This will enable you to take off any parts that you need to. An exacto knife can also come in handy here to assist in the removal of parts.
  7. Prime the figure with a few thin coats of white or gray primer. Remember to mask off any parts that you aren’t going to paint over.
  8. Paint the figure from light to dark, leaving a white patch in any area that will need a decal. You usually need to do about three coats of paint to get it to look good. If you need more, do more. A lot of it depends on the color of your primer and the color you are painting.
  9. Find numbers and logos for decals. The best place to locate numbers to work with is the ‘Logos and More’ section on Jomo’s Customs. They have templates for all NFL teams and many teams from other sports. If they have the team you are looking for then you are all set. If not, look on LogoServer to find your teams logo and use Jomo’s to find a team with similar letter/number font to the team you are looking for.
  10. Create decals. Use a photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop to size the images and change colors if necessary. Be sure to print once in black and white on regular paper to make sure they are the proper size before using the decal paper.
  11. Coat the decals with Liquid Decal Film. Make sure to do two or three coats to ensure that the colors won’t run when the decal gets wet.
  12. Cut the decals out, leaving as little room as possible around the image.
  13. Apply the decals. Coat the area on the figure with Micro Set before applying. Wet the back of the decal paper (either with a brush or by dipping in water) and slide the decal into place. Coat the decal with Micro Sol to soften it and carefully push the decal into any folds or irregular surfaces.
  14. Paint around the decals to blend them in.
  15. Put the figure back together. Use an exacto knife to trim the joints to help them fit together better. Use the crazy glue when necessary.
  16. Add dirt or grass stains to your figure if you want. The best method is to brush it with “dry paint.” This can be done by letting paint dry on your brush and then brushing the dry paint on to the figure. Make sure to use an old brush when doing this.
  17. Apply a few light coats of the Flat Clear Acrylic to all surfaces except decals and helmets.
  18. Apply the Gloss Clear Acrylic to the decals and helmets. You can spray this on with a spray bottle or gently brush it on.
  19. Make a stand. You can modify the original stand, mount it on a piece of wood (drill holes the same size as the pegs on the figures), or create your own stand. Some people also like to make custom packaging for their figures. You can have packaging made for you by VansCustomFigures.
  20. ENJOY!

Visit our complete customs guide for more information and photos.