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Sports Handicapping Services

“The combination of sports handicapping services and the internet has created unbelievable opportunities for people who want to earn a substantial living by doing gambling on this multibillion dollar sports industry. It allows many enterprisers to make a full time living by using professional online handicapping services. This allows for people to use their analyzation skills and betting knowledge to build up ways in which they gain knowledge on the possibility of predicting the outcomes of sports events, races and games.

Traditionally, this method was what started the business of sports gambling and now this method is used on the web to increase the dimensions of this industry. Professional handicapping and betting services offer many benefits to people who want to win easy money while watching their favourite games.

But, there are pros and cons of easy money as the money could be lost as easily. The major pros of sports betting include:

• The sports handicappers provide highly profitable internal information regarding the trend, previous performances, spread numbers etc.

• The handicappers would email the sports picks to their clients directly.

• The best handicapping services are provided by professionals who have been in this business for a long time and using their services ensure that a person has a much better chance of winning per play. Plus, their track record and reputation over the years is very important in evaluating their proficiency.

As aforementioned, there are advantages and disadvantages of using handicapping services. One of the major disadvantage which starts even before the betting happens is the presence of scam websites and cappers which claim that they are out there to make their clients rich, but instead provide false promises.

To avoid being scammed, a client should always see the track record or reputation of the handicapping services before selecting them or paying them for their services. A track record is very important as a client can measure the company’s performance (tracking a period of the last few years) and determine whether they have been profiting people with considerable margins. This helps in making evaluations before even contacting the company for their services.

Handicappers guard their business reputation as they know that reputation is a very important pillar for their success. These handicappers offer betting services for weekly, monthly, annual or even a lifetime subscription. These services include important elements that are very important for getting professional advice regarding the spread and trend. The service providers should also provide information around the clock to their clients which include knowledge regarding how the handicappers are making predictions.

Beginner Sports Memorabilia Collector?

If you are looking to start compiling a collection of sports memorabilia it can be hard to know where to start. Maybe you are a sports fanatic and are looking to make collecting a hobby or perhaps you want to make a collecting work in your favour financially, well both are possible! Collecting sports memorabilia takes a great deal of time and effort and can be a very pleasurable pastime. Sports memorabilia is big business nowadays and selling a collection for a profit is something that lots of people do.

First things first, you need to decide on what you want to collect. For some people this may be a no-brainer. If you have a favourite team then you can simply collect memorabilia associated with them. But you may want to narrow your collection down to one player or athlete or to a specific time period. You will also need to decide what sort of memorabilia you want to collect. You may want to just collect programs, tickets and posters, or you may decide to collect sports equipment such as balls, flags or shirts.

Looking at what you have already got may help you decide on what to ultimately collect. It may be that over the years you have collected little bits and pieces of memorabilia such as a football shirt, a cap or a signed program. These pieces could be the beginning of your collection!

Now that you have decided on the focus of your collection you can start to add pieces to it. The best resource you can use to find memorabilia is the internet. You can use online auction sites such as eBay to find rare and unique pieces of memorabilia. When buying things off the internet you should always be aware of fake memorabilia and how to spot it. Make sure that all items come with a certificate of authenticity and you can ask the seller for a history of the item as well to prove its legitimacy. You may also want to attend sporting events and matches for an opportunity to get things signed in person. You should also be on the lookout for memorabilia at car-boot sales, garage sales and charity shops. This will require a lot of effort on your part to find rare pieces but is worth it as the prices will generally be lower. You can also buy online from memorabilia sites.

Now that you have begun to build up a collection of sports memorabilia you need to consider where to display it. You may have a spare room where you can keep your collection of you may need to clear a wall, a top of a dresser or some shelves so that you can accommodate your collection. You should make sure that your collection is kept away from direct sunlight and moisture as this could cause damage and affect the value of the collection.

You may continue to collect for the rest of your life and keep adding pieces every now and again and after a while you will have a growing collection. You may decide at some point to sell your collection but it entirely depends on what you have collected and the size and quality of your collection as to whether it is worth anything.

Can Sports Betting Become an Alternative Investment Market?

With all the turmoil in the economy and the real estate market, will investors keep their cash on the sidelines or look for alternative markets. Most stocks are tied into the economic news with no parameters and direction. It is becoming more difficult for even savvy investors to time the bottom. They have to become much more selective.

The Sports Betting market has been around a long time with some controversy in the earlier years. However, there is a vibrant market in today’s highly competitive sports arena. The regulated Nevada Sports Books have the monopoly on legalized Sports Betting. Can the amateur recreational bettors make money at these books — sometimes, but not in the long run.

The professionals know how to look for the edge and only need to hit a minimum of 55% to make a modest return on investment. Making a 15% to 25% return for the year is very possible. The good ones are few but the results are quick and opportunities exist everyday when bad betting lines are found and exploited. The so called experts set the betting lines as to how they perceive the betting public will react. They ideally want even betting on both sides. Their number does come close about 65% of the time. Their recent Superbowl line was not even close and they had the wrong team – Indy Colts – with too many points. This happens a lot in all sports. They do provide a good service but their stats and computer models can only go so far. Investments in this area have a limited scale and cannot handle the millions or billions that pour into those other markets. But investors with up to one million can see a very nice return with the right professional.

The biggest competitor to these legalized Sports Books has been the internet. The reputable online Sports Books were growing very fast until the Port Security Bill was passed with the Illegal Internet Gambling Act attached. One had nothing to do with the other. It was a disaster for many publicly traded gaming companies overseas and the US betting public. Hopefully, it will be repealed and the regulated online gambling bill sponsored by Barney Frank will pass some day — but don`t hold your breath!

The betting investment options on the internet – if it becomes legal – are numerous and sophisticated. The newest formats are the betting exchanges and spread betting in the UK – where internet gambling is legal but that does not help US bettors. These new betting formats have many angles to invest in and do provide an edge if you know what to look for.

When the regulatory cloud over this industry is removed, then you will see investment vehicles similar to the hedge funds and derivatives that are available in the other investment markets. The tax revenues alone could be in the millions if this market becomes regulated and legal. For now, it seems Nevada still has a lock on this market. MEET YOU IN LAS VEGAS!